Uncertain Times

Posted by Sarah Pennington on

I know in these uncertain times we're all worried about our businesses. Lets face it there doesn't seem to be a great deal of help for the beauty industry however I don't know about you but I can't wait to have my hair, lashes, nails and OMG my brows done.

So if this is how we're feeling imagine how our clients feel, they will be dying to see you once this is all over.

Just keep yourself visible, remind your clients that you're still there.

  • Post regularly on your social media platforms
  • Send them a message
  • Create a poll asking what treatment they are missing the most
  • Open up a waiting list for your clients to join so they know they can get an appointment with you (this also reassures you that you'll be making money again as soon as you're back to work)

For now try to enjoy this time to relax because we all know once this is over we're going to be as busy as we are at Christmas and before you know it it will be Christmas so the next time we will get to relax won't be until 2021  😂


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