The Importance of Isolation

Posted by Sarah Pennington on

Isolation is such an important stage of the eyelash extension treatment.

we often get students asking us why the have to isolate and why they can't just place the lashes on the top.

If you were to just place the lashes on the top without isolation then this wouldn't be classed as individual eyelash extensions as the whole point of individual eyelashes extensions it that you apply one lash extension to one natural lash.

Now don't get me wrong isolation can be very tricky and very frustrating especially when you are first starting out but you need to persevere as the better the isolation the better the application will be.

If you fail to isolate correctly then you will run into problems, you will end up applying the lash extension to more that one natural lash which in turn will be uncomfortable and sometimes painful for the client, this will result in them falling out quicker and they will not look great when you have finished the whole treatment as you will be able to see that they have not been applied correctly. 


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