Tape verses Eye Pads

Posted by Sarah Pennington on

Everyone has a different way of working when it comes to securing down the bottom lashes during an eyelash extension treatment.

Some people prefer to use eye pads, some use tape and some people use both.

I personally like to use both, I place my eye pad on first then I secure it with some tape, this just prevents the eye pad from slipping and any bottom lashes from escaping.

The reason I like to use eye pads is that it is kinder on the eye's for the client when removing at the end of the treatment, however it does make the cost of the treatment more expensive for you to carry out when using eye pads so for that reason some therapist prefer to just use tape.

Sometimes you have no choice but to use just tape depending on the shape of you clients eye's, some clients eye shape just don't allow you to use pads as they don't sit correctly and keep slipping this makes it difficult to cover every bottom lash. 

When using just tape you need to be extremely careful when removing it as it can be uncomfortable for the client, you want to remove the tape nice and slow, you never want to remove it like a plaster this will cause a lot of pain (I have seen people doing this and it never ends well)

However it is crucial that you know how to apply tape correctly, one for the reason above (you have someone who's eye shape doesn't suit pads) and two you don't want to have to turn clients away if you run out of eye pads and you don't know how to apply the tape.


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