Mink Lashes, Fake or Real

Posted by Sarah Pennington on

Mink Lashes, Fake or Real

I have seen a lot of posts lately where people have been asking if all Mink lashes are synthetic?

The answer to this is NO

Some manufactures do use real fur in there products.

If you are buying your lashes from a reputable professional lash supplier then you will more than likely be OK, if you are not then you need to be very careful, our products are all synthetic and we have put this on the label.

If you are not purchasing your products from a reputable professional lash supplier then you risk the products being made out of animal fur, if you purchase a tray of super soft lashes cheaply then more than likely they will not be synthetic as there would be no profit to be made.

Synthetic products are hand-made and for that reason are not cheap to produce.

Products saying Siberian Mink are normally just that, you also have to look out for fox fur and horse hair.

Not only is this unethical, but also can be extremely damaging, as everyone assumes that their client is having a allergy to the glue when they could have a pet allergy and you have just put animal fur on their eye's. 


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