Eyelash Extensions & What to Charge

Posted by Sarah Pennington on

What should you be charging for your eyelash extension?

I am seeing more and more people offering a full set of classic for £20.00 and Russians for around £30.00, to me this is just madness.

One you are underselling yourself and two you are doing the industry a disservice 😥

You need to think of how complicated of a treatment it really is, the time and practice it took you to master the procedure, not to mention the cost of the products and the time it takes you to carry out the actual treatment.

I know the price does really vary depending on where you live and what everyone else is charging, but if everyone just keeps undercutting each other then it forces everyone to lower there prices.

When in fact if you are good at what you do you should be charging for your expertise.

My guideline is always aim for at least £25.00 per hour for classics and slightly more for Russians, obviously this is based on someone who has mastered the procedure and not a newbie who is still taking 3 plus hours.



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